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Evidence-based, accessible, and patient centric integrative psychiatry 

and mental health services




Psychotropic treatment administered by clinic psychiatrists,


Multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, couple and family therapists, and social workers. Types of therapy include: CBT, Couples and Family Therapy, Trauma Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy


Modification based on behavior therapy


[coming soon]

About the Clinic

Established in 2016 by medical director Dr. Renu Gupta, M.D., a licensed psychiatrist, the clinic is a response to the growing need for accessible mental health care in our communities.

The WMH Clinic's mission is to support and promote the mental health and well-being of women, by providing evolving, evidence-based, high-quality, accessible, and patient-centric integrative psychiatry and mental health services. That being said, we accept referrals for all patients on a per need basis, irregardless of gender. 

The clinic's multidisciplinary approach is accentuated by staff with a diverse range of clinical interests and expertise. Our clinicians have both local and international training.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a physician, how can I refer patients to WMH Women's Mental Health Clinic?


Please complete the Referral Form, and fax it to the clinic. You can find the form in PDF via links either at the top or bottom of this site.


Should you have additional questions as a physician, please don't hesitate to call the clinic directly or email us below.


How long is the timeline for an appointment?


Once we receive the referral from your Referring Physician, we will contact you to arrange an appointment accordingly. 

I am a patient, how can I access WMH Women's Mental Health Clinic?

To book an appointment with one of our psychiatrists, patients are accepted on a referral basis from their family physician (GP). Note that your family or primary care physician must complete the referral form and fax it to the clinic. Patients cannot refer themselves to our physicians, however they can self-refer to our team of psychologists and social workers.

To inquire about booking an appointment with one of our psychologists, psychotherapists, couple and family therapists, or social workers, please call or email our administrator

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